Blog 28: Reflect on the semester as a whole…

Ever since I could remember writing and speaking English didn’t come easy to me. So the fact that I wrote this paper actually means a lot to me. In hoping I did a good job I would love to see me doing well on it compared to the other papers I have been writing since 2010 in College. I realized that this is my last semester. It is basically my only shot to bring up all my grades. I took this final paper as a decision making paper. What I mean by that is I wanted to write the best paper I ever wrote. So I literally would come home every day, lock myself in my home and just go over this paper until I had nothing else to correct. What I learned the most was how much I have improved over my years. I started with teachers scribbling red all over my papers. I am sure you will be marking my paper up too. It is not a perfect paper of course. I don’t think I mastered writing a paper yet but this was a great experience for me to write what I wanted to write about. I love writing papers based on themes that I pick. Many teachers (MOST OF THEM) don’t let you. So thank you for the freedom to let us pick what we wanted to focus our paper on. That helps Big time when it comes to writing papers. I think many would agree. I think the class at as a whole was a really good experience for me. Everyone was so nice and comfortable with each other . I think that matters a lot, how the environment is in a certain class. If you are shy to talk infront of you class mates that might be a problem. I think that because the environment was “safe” meaning so easy going I think made class fun to go to. The books we have read this semester were great , I liked them all. Mainly because they all had to do with psychology in a way. Part of the reason why I signed up for this class in the first place! I can’t sit here writing everything I learned ,if I did I would be here forever 🙂 One thing I learned for sure that I want to share is that this was the only class I took at Queens College that didn’t judge. It didn’t judge people for the way they spoke , thought or expressed their ideas. That’s pretty awesome and hard to find. I am graduating this semester and have to say I am SO glad I signed up for this class!

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Blog 26: Reflect on the comments you got back.

Sorry but Blog 26 is going to be really short just because I am honestly happy with my grade. I put in a lot of hard work and going to the writing lab to make sure my paper was the best it could be. So the grade I got back was exactly how I thought it would be. The comments I received on the paper I took into consideration since I had to take those comments and make pages out of my research paper. I am glad I got those comments because they helped me make my web project stronger and easier to do!

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Blog 25: reflect on your strength and weaknesses and thoughts about the web project

The strength when it comes to my paper I think had to be the fact I actually sat down with a list of Harvey’s elements and made sure I had just enough for this paper. The weakness for this paper comes back to the idea where I am in love with psychology. The fact I couldn’t write more about that killed me a little. Of course I think if I wrote a psychology paper I would of gotten a better grade haha. The most difficult was making sure I hit the 10 -12 pages honestly. I think when I professor says how many pages they want students get so wrapped up in that whole process of oh my gosh did I write enough? I think that besides the whole pages thing finding sources that I NEEDED (not wanted) was kind of tricky. I love using sources ( of course I cite them in my work cited page) but I think I love using other peoples values and opinions in my paper to illustrate my point across. So cutting out and keeping sources was hard for me. If it wasn’t for you telling us to use the ones we needed rather than the ones we wanted to use I would have more than 15 sources.In all seriousness I think the fact that I was able to sit down and see what I had written showed how good or not so good my paper would be. It showed me how much more work I had to put into the final paper that I was going to send you. Of course it took me days and hours to make it as close to perfect as I could but I think that papers are hard to write. I get all my friends saying English is such an easy major etc etc. I don’t think papers are that easy to write. I think it definitely takes patience and skill to write a well based paper.  The fact that I knew what I wanted to write about was also why I was proud of what I wrote in my draft.

Web Project: CONFUSING I took a class back in High School called Web Design and they would show us how to make a website, which pictures I could use , Fonts , etc. But word press in my opinion was confusing and just I don’t know. I made all my pages on Word and wish I could just hand that in because transferring them over was suppose to be dummy proof but not for me.


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Blog 24: Compare the role of the brain in Hustvedt’s novel to its role in another text

Perfect site for this blog!

These questions she lets us know what she is thinking inside her brain. In the process, she finds herself entangled in fundamental questions: What is the relationship between brain and mind? How do we remember? What is the self?

I think the way she uses the role of the brain compared to LowBoy ( that’s the book I am using for my senior seminar paper) was that in Low Boy.

The main character William Heller describes his delusions and visions as well as his other symptoms of schizophrenia as well as how the world reacts to him. His experiences allow for the reader to learn what mental illness institutions are like as well as how the stigma associated affects individuals afflicted with mental illness.  I think in this way the reader can get close to the character and learn exactly where and what the character is thinking. For me Hustvedt was all over the place. I didn’t care much about her book because to me she was just putting on a show. She thought she knew a little too much about what she had. Like she planned everything out for the book before she even knew she was going to write about it…I don’t know. The role of the brain in Lowboy I just thought was well developed and just fit all perfectly. Yes there were changes out of place but that made it even more fascinating for my enjoyment of reading in the first place.

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Blog 23: Reflect on your plans fro revision , based on Feedback you received from your group

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by a deficit of typical emotional responses. Common symptoms include auditory hallucinationsparanoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction. The onset of symptoms typically occurs in young adulthood, with a global lifetime prevalence of about 0.3–0.7%. Diagnosis is based on observed behavior and the patient’s reported experiences.

Having said what the disorder is two books that deal with this disorder in similar and different ways can show and can help educate parents, family or friends who may know someone that has this disorder. Some can say that this disorder can change a person completely and not knowing what the person can do or not. This too many psychologists is a dangerous disorder that is too risky to completely prevent it from going any further. Through some research I did on my own; I went to a hospital in Brooklyn to see how a patient who has schizophrenia lives is completely different from a patient who has bi polar disorder or depression. The doctors at that hospital told me it’s hard for them to give them there medicine every morning because of the lack of trust they have for the doctors and nurses. They feel like they are out to get them or someone is trying to hurt them because of the medicine the nurses are giving them. To patients who have this disorder it is very normal to feel like this.


For my revision I could see that I was using valuable information but my paper was turning into a psychology paper rather than a Literature paper. When I saw that happening because my group pointed it out to me I realized  needed to take a lot of it out and cut and copy things into the proper places. Of course I still wanted to keep a lot of the Stat for interesting reading. I sat down with Harvey’s element worksheet that you gave us at the beginning of the semester and each time I found an element in my paper I highlighted it. For example when I figured out what my thesis would be I highlighted it. Basically it showed me exactly what I had in the paper and what I was lacking. I thought that was the best way to proof read as well as structure my paper into different parts. (Part 2) I know I only handed in 5 pages as a draft because I was so confused on what to write. I love psychology so basically of course I wanted my paper to be insanely driven with that as the theme. I had to take step back and realize I needed to take the love I have for that subject and add literature to the just of things. Yeah it was really hard for me to do. I did work on it day in and day out. Each time I looked at it, I made suggestions and realized it could be a better paper each time. I seriously appreciate the feedback. I think it was a positive way of telling us Hey you aren’t there yet. Work on these things and you will write an awesome paper. I think coming close to good enough was not what I wanted to do. I wanted to make this paper so filled with details and making sure the reader knew exactly how I felt about this overall theme and background that I choose

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Blog 22: Annotated Bibliography

In one passage of delightful distillation, he exposes the paradox of those arguing to reduce “stigma” over mental illness, as if a bit more progressive empathy would somehow make insanity less frightening. “Fear of those believed to be insane was one reason the Victorians allocated so many resources to building mental asylums,” he writes. It’s a striking point, one he stumbled on while desperately searching for a hospital that could actually contain his son, who has an unerring gift for escape, and an irrepressible urge to run naked through frozen woods and rivers.

This is one of my sources which I will use in my paper. This source pretty much goes into and breaks apart one of the books I will be using called Henry’s Demons. This book is a non-fiction book that just grabs the reader and wanting to keep reading it to find out how the story will play out. This was a source I found that helps me write my paper efficiently. This will help the people reading my paper to understand why this quote is so important and can help me with connecting schizophrenia to Henry’s Demons. First off to understand this passage at all I decided to look up the words that I highlighted…

Distillation:The volatilization or evaporation and subsequent condensation of a liquid, as when water is boiled in aretort and the steam is condensed in a cool receiver

Allocated: to set apart for a particular purpose; assign or allot

Unerring: undeviatingly accurate throughout; not containing any error or flaw

not capable of being repressed, controlled, or restrained






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Blog 20: Critical Source Used In My Senior Seminar Project

The stigma attached to mental illness is due to a lack of education about diseases such as schizophrenia. According to the Surgeon General, “…stigma [is] one of the major barriers that discourages adults from seeking treatment. One study found that people live with their symptoms for ten years before seeking treatment” (Abderholden). If more people were educated about mental illness, the stigma would decrease and more people would be able to receive the treatment they need. Authors like Patrick and Henry Cockburn and John Wray hope that their literature on the subject with help increase awareness about mental illnesses making it easier for people suffering with diseases like schizophrenia to get proper medical attention and fair treatment from the public.

Because of the mental illnesses have been so severely stigmatized over the years and research has been lacking in the field, there has been little progress made when it comes to properly treating schizophrenia. In an article recently written about how schizophrenia is identified and treated, it was stated, “In taking stock of our current body of knowledge, we venture to say that day-to-day management of schizophrenia appears not to have changed very much” (Tandon, Nasralla, and Keshaven, 1). Even though our scientific knowledge has advanced considerably since the 19th century, patients suffering from mental illnesses continue to receive inadequate treatment. In Henry’s Demons, Patrick Cockburn and Henry Cockburn provide commentary on the abysmal conditions of the English healthcare system and the cruel conditions patients live under. By increasing the awareness of the subpar quality of care provided by mental illness treatment centers, hopefully changes will be made within these institutions in order to help patients as opposed to exacerbating their symptoms.

The technology available to researchers has progressed a great deal over time making it unreasonable that mental illness patients today are living under similar conditions as patients in the 19th and 20th centuries. More resources need to be allocated to mental illness research as well as to public education about mental illnesses in order to truly help patients suffering with diseases such as schizophrenia. As stated previously, the negative stigma attached to mental illnesses has prevented some people from seeking help. It has also made research limited when it comes to the effect schizophrenia has on families and individuals. As awareness grows thanks to books such as Lowboy and Henry’s Demons, research should gain more popularity hopefully someday leading to actual breakthroughs in both treatment and prevention of mental illness.

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Blog 19: What is Character and What is Personality

Character is

The combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another. A distinguishing feature or attribute, as of an individual, group, or category. For me Character is how you present yourself as a person. How are you acting towards others and yourself? The way you present yourself is very important in this day and age. The character you present yourself as being can take you very far in the Job field or in life in general. If your Character is off then things might not go your way.

Personality is

Personality is the particular combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual. Different personality theorists present their own definitions of the word based on their theoretical positions. Personality in the dating world can seriously make or break the way someone will feel about you. If you are good looking but have a horrible personality things probably won’t turn out that well for you. ( then again people are crazy so who knows.) Personality can be a way to get a job , get fired from a job or Hire someone else based on how nice or nasty you maybe.

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Blog 18: How does the author use narration to represent the distinctive point of view of a character with Asberger Syndrom or Schizophrenia?

For my senior project I wrote all about Schizophrenia and what the causes and effects of the mental illness so for this blog post I am going to show examples to show the point of view of a character with Schizophrenia…

In the novel Lowboy by John Wray the reader is able to gain first-hand perspective into the mind of a person with schizophrenia. The novel is written from the perspectives of 16 year old William Heller, his mother Violet, and the police detective Ali Lateef who has been charged with the responsibility of finding Henry after his escape from a mental institution. The chapters alternate between Lateef and Heller giving the reader alternating view points on the effects of schizophrenia. The main character William Heller describes his delusions and visions as well as his other symptoms of schizophrenia as well as how the world reacts to him. His experiences allow for the reader to learn what mental illness institutions are like as well as how the stigma associated affects individuals afflicted with mental illness.

Lowboy also provides details about the delusions and symptoms associated with schizophrenia. As Heller describes his thoughts and actions on the subway, it becomes clear to the reader that Heller is extremely paranoid and is under the belief that he is somehow involved in a government conspiracy involving global warming and Earth’s destruction (Wray, 16). Heller describes how two men called “Skull” and “Bones” were chasing him and were sent by a federal agency in order to scare him into submission (Wray, 14). Heller describes how he is constantly watching for anyone that looks as though they are involved in this government plot and comes across as clearly paranoid to the reader. Throughout the novel Heller describes his paranoid delusions allowing the reader to gain insight into what the thought process for a person suffering with schizophrenia is like, hopefully increasing awareness of the disease and lessening the stigma.

Because Lowboy is written in alternating chapters narrated by both William Heller and Ali Lateef, the reader is able to get two different perspectives on the same situations. As William Heller describes his interactions with society, the reader sees the world through his eyes. Heller’s interaction with the Sikh man on the subway is seen as a casual yet strange interaction between two people. Though it ends on a somewhat violent note, the extent of what actually transpired is not known to the reader. It is only in the next chapter where this social interaction is described as what it really was; an incident of assault (Wray, 27). The reader gets to see the world from both the perspective of a schizophrenic as well as a person not afflicted with mental illness. This allows readers to gain a better understanding of how schizophrenics perceive situations, hopefully making people more sympathetic to their plight.

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Blog 17

: Which is already done and can be seen by scrolling down the page

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