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For my research project I will be researching a cross-cultural study, focusing on how schizophrenia is represented and understood in the U.S. and India. I will be also interviewing a family of a patient who has this and see what they have to say. My mother works in a hospital and they have a special ward where they keep people who are diagnosed with disorders such as schizophrenia so I am getting help from doctors who are working there with patients. I think that is so interesting to have information fresh from the doctors themselves because they are always around the patient and can give me interesting research and even interesting stories which I could share. There is one movie I will be working with. The movie isn’t America hence why I am doing a cross – cultural study on this topic. The movie just deals with a girl who was fine until the age of 10 and something happened to her (rape) that maybe could of triggered emotional blockage of some sort. (I am not done analyzing everything but throughout this paper I will have all my information complete.) The movie was based on a true story of a girl who lived in India. One of the books I will be talking about ( I will  be reading one other book but have NO IDEA which one I should read to better my knowledge about schizophrenia or what would help me out writing the most efficient paper. I am reading Low Boy by John Wray. I know that it was a course requirement. It is honestly my favorite book read during this semester out of all my classes.)

My main goal for this paper is initially to see if there is any correlation between “Indian Schizophrenia” and “American Schizophrenia”.” I know that might sound strange or wrong but from what I know from back home is that Schizophrenia back then in India would just make you mentally challenged. They would use names such as retarded , stupid and idiot. They didn’t know basically what to do with patients. I mean in America I guess you can say it was worse because they would do experiments with patients who had a disorder. They would use them as bait pretty much and test them to see what could happen if  they performed certain surgeries on them . Doing a cross cultural study might be hard if I don’t have the right research material in front of me but I am SO interested in disorders and Schizophrenia is the one I am insanely curious about because I feel like there are so many unanswered questions that even psychologists don’t know the answer too. ALSO I forgot to mention I am in Psychology Pain and Pleasure so I am going to ask my two professors any information they know and maybe they can help me out with research material also. Might do a survey as well!

My process will pretty much be what I have said. I want to take surveys to see what I find and look at a patient from the past and actually sit down with their paper work and just see what I can find. Anything that pops up or seems not normal would be great to find so I can have a lead on how to look at this paper as a whole. I want to read Low Boy again just because I don’t know if you guys have to do this but if I read a book a second time usually I get so much more out of it.

The research I have found is overwhelming so organizing into different sections is the best thing I can do right now. My grandpa was a doctor in India so he has told me crazy stories that if I told you guys would be scared for your life. To me these stories are exactly what I need to hear and then to find research on why the patients were acting that way and use it to illustrate a book about the topic itself.  I have patient’s reports and a ton of books on the topic as a whole. Just need one more book towards my research so if any of you guys know a book I can use other than Low Boy PLEASE let me know. That would be great and I would appreciate it so much.


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  1. Sadia Reza says:

    Some novels about schizophrenia: A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar (The very same upon which the Academy-Award winning 2001 film is based). And also the semi-autobiographical novel I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg. Hope that helps in some way!

  2. Jason Tougaw says:

    I believe you’ve revised your topic. Is that still true? If so, I’ll wait to respond to the new proposal when you post it.

  3. schristian says:

    Honestly I feel like I know what I want to write about but I am SO lost on the fact of how to go about it because the only book I have for this topic is Low Boy as of right now. I don’t know which other book I should read that will help me out bringing out the English slide of this paper. I have a lot of clinical things here. I need to get away from that ( even though that will be very hard for me) and base it on books. Just need another novel that will help me.

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