Proposal 2
For my research project I will be looking at two books which will be Lowboy and Henry’s Demons. Actually through this book I would love to EDUCATE Parents and people who have questions about this disorder. I will be also interviewing a family of a patient who has this and see what they have to say. My mother works in a hospital and they have a special ward where they keep people who are diagnosed with disorders such as schizophrenia so I am getting help from doctors who are working there with patients. I think that is so interesting to have information fresh from the doctors themselves because they are always around the patient and can give me interesting research and even interesting stories which I could share. I am reading Low Boy by John Wray. I know that it was a course requirement. It is honestly my favorite book read during this semester out of all my classes.)
My main goal for this paper is initially is to educate ordinary people and parents about this disorder. I want them to understand the symptoms and also what can affect a child through his/her daily life. There are ways to prevent this disorder to occur; a teacher has told me that in the past. The teacher is from Queens College so I will be talking to her and also helping her for other resources. I am SO interested in disorders and Schizophrenia is the one I am insanely curious about because I feel like there are so many unanswered questions that even psychologists don’t know the answer too. ALSO I forgot to mention I am in Psychology Pain and Pleasure so I am going to ask my two professors any information they know and maybe they can help me out with research material also. Might do a survey as well!
My process will pretty much be what I have said. I want to take surveys to see what I find and look at a patient from the past and actually sit down with their paper work and just see what I can find. Anything that pops up or seems not normal would be great to find so I can have a lead on how to look at this paper as a whole. I want to read Low Boy again just because I don’t know if you guys have to do this but if I read a book a second time usually I get so much more out of it.
The research I have found is overwhelming so organizing into different sections is the best thing I can do right now. I have a lot of information on the different types of people who have schizophrenia; I also have the two books that I will be close reading too. I will be taking apart the things said in the books and hopefully will help me understand real life problems or stories that I can use in my paper. Like I said I want to pick apart this disorder using these two books, in the same way using the books to help me educate people/parents on what the disorder is ? How it can be prevented? and What symptom’s you can look out for while you child is growing up.

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  1. Jason Tougaw says:

    I understand your impulse to conduct first-hand research. It must be fascinating to talk to these doctors. I’m sure it will help you write a better paper, because you’ll get a better understanding of how these professionals understand schizophrenia and deal with it in a real-world setting where the stakes are high.

    That said, be careful to maintain your focus on Lowboy and Henry’s Demons. Think about your conversations with the doctors as useful background. You don’t have time to conduct thorough anthropological or sociological research. However, you might think about recording some of these interviews and including excerpts from them in the online version of your project. That could be really interesting.

    Now, be sure to think about motive. What strategies do these two books use to educate readers about schizophrenia? How do these strategies differ with regard to the fictional novel and the nonfiction autobiography? What do the writers what readers to understand? Are they successful?

    You might want to collect reviews of both books to see how reviewers respond to them.

    Your proposal isn’t yet articulating your motive or methods in a manageable way. For now, though, I suggest you focus on sources. Complete your annotated bibliography. That will help you make progress. Just be sure your sources all address your central focus on literature as an educational tool with regard to schizophrenia.

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