Blog 16: Respond to an image in David B’s Graphic Memoir

This image from Epileptic without reading the surrounding words around it show a small family inside while the rest of the people are crowding around it. I didn’t know whether to share something about this or say what I thought about this picture. So I am going to share what the book says about this image. We can see David B’s view of the dance of the doctors, ironically representing the barrenness of therapies offered by medical experts for his brother, Jean-Christophe.  We can also see the difference between the three people in the middle ( center) who are the mother , father , and son. This I found was interesting and didn’t want to put in my own words just because I didn’t want to mess up the way to actually come out and say it “We can easily see in this image a symbolic representation of the false hopes offered by the experts: the circle-dance infantilizes the doctors (they are playing a childish game), and at the same time it suggests a kind of superstitious ritual.”

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