Blog 24: Compare the role of the brain in Hustvedt’s novel to its role in another text

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These questions she lets us know what she is thinking inside her brain. In the process, she finds herself entangled in fundamental questions: What is the relationship between brain and mind? How do we remember? What is the self?

I think the way she uses the role of the brain compared to LowBoy ( that’s the book I am using for my senior seminar paper) was that in Low Boy.

The main character William Heller describes his delusions and visions as well as his other symptoms of schizophrenia as well as how the world reacts to him. His experiences allow for the reader to learn what mental illness institutions are like as well as how the stigma associated affects individuals afflicted with mental illness.  I think in this way the reader can get close to the character and learn exactly where and what the character is thinking. For me Hustvedt was all over the place. I didn’t care much about her book because to me she was just putting on a show. She thought she knew a little too much about what she had. Like she planned everything out for the book before she even knew she was going to write about it…I don’t know. The role of the brain in Lowboy I just thought was well developed and just fit all perfectly. Yes there were changes out of place but that made it even more fascinating for my enjoyment of reading in the first place.

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