Blog 25: reflect on your strength and weaknesses and thoughts about the web project

The strength when it comes to my paper I think had to be the fact I actually sat down with a list of Harvey’s elements and made sure I had just enough for this paper. The weakness for this paper comes back to the idea where I am in love with psychology. The fact I couldn’t write more about that killed me a little. Of course I think if I wrote a psychology paper I would of gotten a better grade haha. The most difficult was making sure I hit the 10 -12 pages honestly. I think when I professor says how many pages they want students get so wrapped up in that whole process of oh my gosh did I write enough? I think that besides the whole pages thing finding sources that I NEEDED (not wanted) was kind of tricky. I love using sources ( of course I cite them in my work cited page) but I think I love using other peoples values and opinions in my paper to illustrate my point across. So cutting out and keeping sources was hard for me. If it wasn’t for you telling us to use the ones we needed rather than the ones we wanted to use I would have more than 15 sources.In all seriousness I think the fact that I was able to sit down and see what I had written showed how good or not so good my paper would be. It showed me how much more work I had to put into the final paper that I was going to send you. Of course it took me days and hours to make it as close to perfect as I could but I think that papers are hard to write. I get all my friends saying English is such an easy major etc etc. I don’t think papers are that easy to write. I think it definitely takes patience and skill to write a well based paper.  The fact that I knew what I wanted to write about was also why I was proud of what I wrote in my draft.

Web Project: CONFUSING I took a class back in High School called Web Design and they would show us how to make a website, which pictures I could use , Fonts , etc. But word press in my opinion was confusing and just I don’t know. I made all my pages on Word and wish I could just hand that in because transferring them over was suppose to be dummy proof but not for me.


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  1. Im with you on the website part, me and computers don’t mesh well, we just don’t like each other i somehow always get a virus and it crashes. I feel that i am getting the hang of it though at least the simple parts like adding a page.

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