Blog 28: Reflect on the semester as a whole…

Ever since I could remember writing and speaking English didn’t come easy to me. So the fact that I wrote this paper actually means a lot to me. In hoping I did a good job I would love to see me doing well on it compared to the other papers I have been writing since 2010 in College. I realized that this is my last semester. It is basically my only shot to bring up all my grades. I took this final paper as a decision making paper. What I mean by that is I wanted to write the best paper I ever wrote. So I literally would come home every day, lock myself in my home and just go over this paper until I had nothing else to correct. What I learned the most was how much I have improved over my years. I started with teachers scribbling red all over my papers. I am sure you will be marking my paper up too. It is not a perfect paper of course. I don’t think I mastered writing a paper yet but this was a great experience for me to write what I wanted to write about. I love writing papers based on themes that I pick. Many teachers (MOST OF THEM) don’t let you. So thank you for the freedom to let us pick what we wanted to focus our paper on. That helps Big time when it comes to writing papers. I think many would agree. I think the class at as a whole was a really good experience for me. Everyone was so nice and comfortable with each other . I think that matters a lot, how the environment is in a certain class. If you are shy to talk infront of you class mates that might be a problem. I think that because the environment was “safe” meaning so easy going I think made class fun to go to. The books we have read this semester were great , I liked them all. Mainly because they all had to do with psychology in a way. Part of the reason why I signed up for this class in the first place! I can’t sit here writing everything I learned ,if I did I would be here forever 🙂 One thing I learned for sure that I want to share is that this was the only class I took at Queens College that didn’t judge. It didn’t judge people for the way they spoke , thought or expressed their ideas. That’s pretty awesome and hard to find. I am graduating this semester and have to say I am SO glad I signed up for this class!

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  1. Sadia Reza says:

    I definitely agree with you! This class was very open to the expressions and ideas of different people, and that’s what also made this class really great, not to mention highly interesting. I’m glad to see that you liked doing this paper, and that you seemed to have done well! I also liked choosing our topics, it allowed us to broaden our own horizons about the particular topics of our own interests, which enabled us to be more passionate about what we were researching and writing about.

    I’m also pretty shy in class, I can only participate in some classes lol, and this was not one of them haha, so I also liked doing the blogs in that regard, as if we were further contributing to discussions.

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